Recipe: Yummy Brinjal dancing with Tempe


Brinjal dancing with Tempe. Roasted brinjals give a very earthy, yummy taste to a dish and when cooked with tangy tomatoes and onions, make a delectable subzi of Baingan This Brinjal Rice is also cooked with different aromatics to make it taste even better. Brinjal chutney recipe with step by step pics – simple, easy and quick chutney made with aubergines. the preparation of baingan chutney is similar to baingan bharta, but fewer spices and herbs are used in this chutney. brinjal is also known as baingan or kathirikai. Dancing Brinjal – Fun with your Vegetable.

Brinjal dancing with Tempe Authentically it is prepared by directly cooking the brinjal over the flame. Once the brinjal is cooked, the skin will be removed and mashed it thoroughly. Dish-up a very traditional bharta with it, bake a lasagna with parmesan and eggplant or just fry it for a great accompaniment with dal-chawal, brinjal is versatile. You can have Brinjal dancing with Tempe using 7 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Brinjal dancing with Tempe

  1. Prepare of Brinjal.
  2. You need of Tempe.
  3. Prepare of Sweet pea.
  4. It’s of Tomato.
  5. You need of Salt.
  6. It’s of Soya sauce.
  7. It’s of Just a little water.

To choose one without seeds, pick the lighter one with a smooth shiny skin. Bt Brinjal was developed to combat brinjal fruit and shoot borer that has an advantage minimizing use of chemical pesticides. Extensive biosafety investigations, nutritional studies, substantial equivalence studies, relative toxicity and allergenicity assessment. Brinjal bajji recipe or vankaya bajji recipe is very delicious and tasty snack recipe especially for winter and rainy season.

Brinjal dancing with Tempe instructions

  1. Boil Tempe in salted water for some time..
  2. Cut Tempe, brinjal n tomato.
  3. Boil just little water in a pot, while you clean the sweet pea (peel the sides).
  4. Add brinjal, then tempe, then sweet pea, and lastly tomato.
  5. Add salt n soya sauce.

Cut the bajji in the middle and stuff the onion mixture then add roastedpeanuts and sprinkle the red chili powder. Now the brinjal bajji is ready to serve hot. Aubergine seeds are only viable when harvested from fully ripe fruits , that is to say when they have actually started to rot and have taken on yellow or brown tinge. The task of extracting the seeds is very much more difficult than in the case. The only way I can consume brinjal is this.loved the simple and yet so tasty.

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