Easiest Way to Cook Perfect Seafood soup with XO sauce


Seafood soup with XO sauce. XO sauce is made from dried shrimp & scallops, salty Jinhua ham, shallots, garlic, chili, and oil. XO sauce is epically delicious and an explosion of umami! The quality and depth of flavor of XO sauce is apparent in its name. "XO" is actually a Hong Kong shorthand for high-quality, prestige, and luxury.

Seafood soup with XO sauce After these ingredients are fried in. XO sauce is a spicy seafood sauce from Hong Kong with an umami flavor. It is commonly used in southern Chinese regions such as Guangdong. You can have Seafood soup with XO sauce using 5 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Seafood soup with XO sauce

  1. Prepare 1 pound of mixed seafood, shrimp, squid, mussels, and octopus.
  2. It’s to taste of salt.
  3. Prepare 3.5 grams of bonito flakes.
  4. Prepare 1 tablespoons of butter.
  5. It’s to taste of XO sauce.

Salmon, shrimp and loads of chopped veggies make this chowder a hearty, herby meal-in-a-bowl. Add onion and green pepper; cook and stir until tender. Stir in tomato sauce, tomatoes, wine and seasonings. The broth however is quite nice.

Seafood soup with XO sauce instructions

  1. Heat up the butter and add the seafood except octopus and bonito flakes. The seafood should make its own liquids. If not add a half a cup of water..
  2. Cut your octopus up. Remove the mouth/beak, if its there.
  3. Add to soup.
  4. Simmer 3 minutes till bubbling add bonito flakes the smokey aromas and flavoring adds so much to the soup.
  5. Add the XO sauce to your tasting..
  6. Serve hot hope you enjoy the delicate taste of the ocean with a slight smokey flavor. I hope you enjoy!.

The XO sauce gives it a very rich seafood flavor that is most enjoyable and hearty. The inclusion of a decent amount of veggies and narutomaki rounds things out well. Seafood Soup Trieste StyleItalian Food Forever. Crock Pot Chicken With Golden Mushroom Soup Recipes. Dry Vietnamese Pork & Seafood Noodle Soup with Sauce (Hu Tieu Kho Voi Nuoc Sot)Vietnamese Home Cooking Recipes.

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